why choose us

If I were you I would look for the following features in my hosting service provider.

  • The provider should not be a beginner
  • A sizable number of clients should be there to testify the service
  • Clients should include high stake holders, like big corporations, government agencies and multinational companies
  • There should be a wide range of services to allow growth and flexibility
  • Quick and effective support system
  • Specifications of hardware and software should be up-to industry standards
  • There should be no third party (reseller) between me and the actual service provider
  • It should be equally accessible from everywhere across the globe
  • Economy without compromising quality
  • Should have local currency pricing
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  • Cpanel Hosting Control Panel
  • Free Webmail for mailing services
  • MySQL database
  • PhpMyadmin for MySQL managment
  • Fantistico Delux
  • Free Template Store
  • Latest verssion of pHP