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SachalSoft (IT Solution Provider) - The History

SachalSoft is one of the fastest growing Web Hosting Service provider and founded in August 2010, SachalSoft began offering virtual domain and sub-domain hosting, along with free domain name reservation. Since that time, and to this day, SachalSoft continues to add features for its clients, while keeping prices constant. Now that we are in our second year of existence, our relentless pursuit for web hosting perfection is growing and is advancing further than ever.

In the beginning of 2011 SachalSoft begin operations in Countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, UK, America, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Over the last year SachalSoft is continuing to improve our services and product line and is expanding its operations across the Globe.

SachalSoft Today

Today, SachalSoft provides webhosting, websites development, and consultancy and training services world-wide and is proud to serve its clients all over the world.

We are in the midst of a web hosting revolution. The Internet is fundamentally redefining business models at the speed of light. Web technology constantly enables diverse revenue opportunities we never dreamed of, delivering services on a customized, intelligent basis- 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Our goal is to enable clients to lead the revolution. SachalSoft leads the industry by providing the best services in delivering web hosting solutions that enable today's businesses to build, deploy, manage and secure intelligent Web-based applications while leveraging existing technology investments.

Our ambition is to conquer the world with this spirit of living internet and with quality software and services. We continue to expand our market share in many fields and compete aggressively to offer the best technology to each and every client.

With innovations in control panel technology, and hosting package offerings, SachalSoft continues to stay one step ahead of the competition. The high quality packages offered are considered some of the best values in the industry. SachalSoft prides itself with a high level of technical support presented to clients. Our data backup and storage methods allow for quick recovery in the form of daily, weekly and monthly files in case of data loss.

With our US based data centers and owned hardware, SachalSoft is one of the few companies which actually deliver what they advertise. Along with our end-user/retail clientele, SachalSoft has an extensive network of web developers that market SachalSoft services.
With our focus on Website Hosting & allied services, we feel that we can better serve our clients. Our QoS and client satisfaction stats prove this to be a highly practical approach.

We continue to expand our market share in web hosting and compete aggressively to offer the best technology to each and every client.

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  • Cpanel Hosting Control Panel
  • Free Webmail for mailing services
  • MySQL database
  • PhpMyadmin for MySQL managment
  • Fantistico Delux
  • Free Template Store
  • Latest verssion of pHP